Commitment to the Journey

This is an offer for you to journey with us one year with the common purpose to know oneself as a perfect and magnificent part of creation manifest here on earth for the sole purpose of having an

You will concentrate on Wise Discernment thereby automatically moving away from critical judgment, both of yourself and others.

You create your life, no one else does.  You choose how you feel and how you perceive the world.  No one else does this for you.  You are in complete control, whether you realize it or not.

We can show you how to be aware and direct your life consciously and with joy.

Pain, anger, sadness, fear and guilt will always be present to some degree; however, all these emotions can be used for compassionate growth, which enriches your sense of life.

How can we do this?

The tools we will use are as old as humankind and they have evolved with humankind.

We have two practices that you must be willing to do daily.

Meditation using a mantra (word) that we will provide.  Meditate 20 minutes each morning before food and stimulants, such as coffee.  A mid-afternoon or early evening repeat of this meditation is very helpful but not required.

Time Line Technique.  Use this method to release energy stored in past emotions and to reduce the control that past emotions have in the present.

These are the only practices required.  How much commitment you have to these practices will tell you how much commitment you have to taking control and owning your life in a conscious way (you already do it unconsciously).

Then we have many tools to assist in finding deep desires and values and bringing them to conscious awareness.

Since each path (dharma) of each person is totally individual, new ideas and tools will be developed for each person as we journey.

Some of the tools are:

Eliciting deep values requires special expertise and is extremely valuable to each of you.  By looking at those deep values, you can discern if what you are doing or want to do is supported by those values.

Learning to see one’s own magnificence.  (There are no mistakes, just experiences, all of which can be viewed with joy).

Correspond verbally with us at least twice a month to keep focus and share insights, challenges and desires.  Program updates if you will.

Respond to bi-monthly suggestions and questionnaires (this program is a living program and we will always use feedback to keep it evolving).

Astrology is used to determine what kind of fuel, or might we say the different flavors and intensities of life force energy you have most available.  These energies are expressed as archetypes in the astrological birth chart.

Each individual determines his or her path in each lifetime.  The chart suggests how best to accomplish your desires and if you feel you are not on the path you desire the chart will indicate the path.

You will manifest your Sacred Marriage.

If you are willing to commit to One Year of diligent work, we are willing to assist you in the fullest extent of our existing and creative knowledge and energy.

Please sign and return one copy to us.  

Signed _______________________________________