The idea behind Astro Yoga is the merging of the Eastern and Western traditions. The macrocosm is held within the microcosm. That which is above is that which is below. The divine as seen through the night sky can be held in the first breath we take on Earth. From this moment, your potentiality is activated. It is up to the individual, through free will to draw in conscious breath to co-create with the universe.

How does one decide to co-create?

It is the realization of the open door.

The doors were laid out by Patanjali in 196 Yoga Sutras that are difficult to translate. As one begins to investigate the path, one realizes there are many blinds that occlude the way.

Clear seeing can be gained through the tools of life breath and meditation.

This is the premise behind Astro Yoga.

Welcome to this door. Now you may proceed if you choose to.