Nodes of the Moon

The nodes of the moon could well be the most important signifier of a person's soul path.

The nodes of the moon are magnetic points that can focus the soul's intent. Much like the Yin and Yang, it represents forces that seem opposite but are actually complementary and interconnected. The nodes represent one's future and past as the path of the moon weaves slightly above and below the Earth's path around the sun as it intersects the ecliptic twice monthly. Due to the slight tilt of the moon’s orbit of five degrees around the Earth, there is a crossing that occurs as it intersects the ecliptic of the Earth’s orbit from above and below, representing the North Node and South Node respectively. It is represented in mythology as a dragon where the North Node is the head and the South Node the tail. If seen as a linear line, it undulates and moves like a sign wave, always moving forward, or rhythmically like a snake, head and tail as day follows night. Symbolically, the snake is seen eating its own tail and configured in a figure eight where the center represents infinity as does the center of the cube of space.

The Earth is in constant motion around the sun and the moon is seen as the distributor of energy of the sun to and from the Earth. The points of intersection of the ecliptic are points of distribution towards and away from Earth, North and South, head and tail, Yin and Yang.

As the nodes operate in one’s life, it moves along an axis, creating an electromagnetic field towards one’s “destiny” in a forward motion. The energy of the South Node feeds or propels the North Node in a never-ending story. This represents the story line of skills and talents already integrated into the soul as it searches to fulfill one’s purpose towards individuation.

Dane Rudhyar, in his book
The Astrology of Personality states “If we should lie along the nodal axis we would look into the future facing North, and accept the past facing South…The North Node represents the point where a particular entity absorbs or receives the substance of life. It is the channel through which the power of integration enters the Earth…The South Node, on the contrary is the point where the moon becomes the automatic distributor of the Earth assimilated force that was once solar” (Integration & Distribution).

Thus, the nodes of the moon focuses one’s intent of incarnation. The North Node focalizes our forward motion, the South Node our patterns of habitualization and past knowledge. Look to the house position of the nodes for clues of alignment of one’s storyline.