The direction of energy always manifests from the outer planetary plane to the inner planetary plane.  The order of importance when reading a chart is to start with the outer planetary plane in the 4th dimension and follow the flow in to the 3rd dimension through the personal or inner planetary plane.  Most of humanity is backwards in its thinking, consuming much energy in personal areas of life and deflecting the energy of the outer planets and refusing responsibility, and as a result, manifesting an out of control life where it appears "The world is turned against me!"   If we can begin to reverse our thinking, we can take inwards these energies of the 4th dimension (planets from Pluto to Saturn, representing compression and expansion into density of experience) flow though us as our personalities become the custodians of archetypes.


Vision of the Future
We have looked at this planet as death and transformation for a long time.  That kind of definition scares people.  Birth has to be as scary for the soul as death is for us.  If we could see across the veil, we would know death is only a birth into a different phase or dimension.  Pluto allows us to clear the past so we can see into the future.

Understanding Illusion
Neptune is a way to lift off the chains and see through the illusion.  Neptune indicates a third archetype when it refracts light.  Since Neptune bends light, objects are never where normal sight depicts them.  Sight of the third eye will see Neptune's truth.  When you aim through Neptune's energy, you must compensate for the angle of refraction.   Once we develop the sight to the third archetype, we have a direct connection to the infinite.  The indescribable no-thing.  This is where collision with the infinite occurs.  It can feel like drowning.  Each time one collides with the infinite, it can seem like annihilation.  This may be the originating source of panic attacks.  Continue to breath through to the beauty of all there is.  Here one can shape shift.  What is your connection to source?

What is Apparent but Unseen
Ur Anus literally.  The final separation of fecal matter from the philosopher's stone.  The distillation of the dark matter so it may return.  The final separation of the elementals.  Death?  Take the Neptune dream and vision into Uranus energy is helpful in seeing that which is not yet seen but apparent.  Meditation is a good tool here to allow information to rise to the intellectual or conscious level.  Many things lay just outside our awareness.  Practice in becoming aware gives us more conscious control of our lives.

We have thus far formed a very light polarized picture of Chiron.  Should we dare take a look at the darkness of Chiron that may exist?  In traditional astrology, Chiron has been called the "wounded healer" and has been described as having a fracture point.  Is this not a weak description from the dark side?

How did Chiron arrive at the scene?  When Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge, humankind experienced a "fall", a big one.  It was from the fall from unity to one of experience of separation.  This can be looked at one of two ways.  We can blame Eve for the fall and feel rightful in our angst or we can begin to take responsibility for our journey and become more enlightened about the matter.  We cannot know the whole picture, that from the perspective of eating of both trees:  The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, without the "fall".  Eve may have done us a big favor in instigating our descent into density and plunging us into the spiral of evolution.  Wouldn't it be boring just laying around the Garden of Eden in bliss, without knowing the opposite polarity?

When humankind began to experience separation from unity, to begin individuating, we needed to replace our source of universal energy with something outside of ourselves.  Competition became the way of life as we learned to replenish our source of energy from the weaker ones around us.  Whether or not we are aware of this, we are all consenting adults here.  It's all part of the game.  The game of life.  The evolution of humanity is dependent on this sense of war and strife.

Let me throw out a phrase that may be shocking to most, but is true to the bone once we take responsibility for this phenomena.  Humankind began to experience stealing each other's energy in a form of vampirism to feel a sense of support and belonging, a reprieve from the separation.  Since we are all connected, we all support and feed into this matrix.  Therefore, none of us are exempt.  Since we all do it, it is not something we should condemn ourselves for.  Very few people know how to channel this infinite supply of energy or LOVE in L.V.X from the universe ourselves.  Few even know it can be done.  Until one is advanced on the path of awareness, most every relationship we form in the world is based on vampirism, as a way of support.  When one becomes completely self-reliant, the placement of Chiron in one's chart demonstrates how we channel our LOVE in L.V.X.  However, if we are like most, this placement indicates how we allocate our energy to be vamped and how we vamp other's energy.

Taurus is a symbolic energy of the Garden of Eden, where Eve first ate of the Tree of Knowledge.  I am going to suggest Chiron to be the esoteric ruler of Taurus.  Prominent Taurus energy will have heavy Chiron indicated in a chart.  This Chiron energy can be expressed as the vampire or as LOVE in L.V.X., which is the true creator of the Garden of Eden.

Through the Principle of Rhythm in the Kybalion, one will experience vampirism or LOVE in L.V.X. as one travels the path of awareness.

Harvest of Now
Saturn is the harvest of all of that DNA in a form we can understand and experience through.  Saturn has been considered a limiting energy but it is really an energy that lets us focus on forms that have been created.  The soul came in through the plane of Saturn and condensed the infinite energy of the spirit into forms that can be conscious and experience things other than Unconditional Love
(Love in L.V.X.).