A chart is traditionally read from the left, counter-clockwise, progressing below the horizon, then proceeding to the right and up above the horizon. This is a mirror representation of the night sky. This was confusing to me as a student because the point of reference is from the earth, looking up towards the sky and then translating the mirror image. What if the chart can be seen from the perspective of galactic center? There are several blinds in occult knowledge placed purposely to halt the progression of the student until the answers become revealed through correct alignment of heart, soul and mind, a marriage of the three consciousnesses. For example, key 10 of the Tarot, Wheel of Fortune, represents the karma of mankind continuing in a cyclic manner, counter-clockwise. If man could understand that they could step off the karmic wheel and enter the stream of life from the clockwise direction, there could be profound realization of an enlightened path. This revelation has been the inspiration for my interpretation of astrology charts. Looking at charts in the reversed direction reveals many mysteries of a soul.