A gathering place for those desiring to discover and teach the future paradigm.

Nana I Ke Kumu

Return to the Source

Many people have the potential for great spiritual realization that goes beyond the standard cultural ideas of today. During this time, called by many, the age of Aquarius, humanity has more than ever before the potential to create a new paradigm founded on peace and unconditional love.

New tools, practically unused, are available to release past negative emotions, tools to bring all the parts of an individual personality together and still other tools to create excellent communication with oneself and others.

The powers that are, have a vested interest in keeping things 'as they are'. In 1898, Baird T. Spalding stated "We are on the brink of racial enlightenment, however, it remains to be seen if the few can keep the majority in darkness for a prolonged period."

Obviously the few have kept us in darkness for the last 100+ years but light is creeping in and the few are losing their grip.

The grip, however, is still strong and directed particularly at the young. It takes responsible adults, ones willing to become self aware themselves, to demonstrate to the young how to create and maintain their own safe place as a foundation for spiritual freedom and awareness.

We have developed many tools to help people become self aware and a support network that is continuous.

This particular path of progress requires ongoing work. Working together creates an exceptional support network.

Call us, join us in meetings, correspond. Whatever works, we will be pleased to have you involved.