Imma Rose Royal and Theo Ward are kindred spirits teaching simple methods to enjoy life.

We have embarked upon a path of service to others in a very non-standard way and depending on some very non-standard ideas and information. We have found that few will choose this path but those that do quickly realize greater and greater self truths and become dedicated to this way. Part of what we desire to do is to create a new philosophy and a way of thinking. We will challenge much of what humanity holds dear, particularly suffering and control of people through the weapon of fear by governments, churches and peer pressure groups. We know there is abundance for all without sacrifice and we’ve found a few that want to hear that.

Assimilate The Seed Harvest of the past (humanity and the All).

Challenge the obsolete values of all cultures.

Evoke new images of order of internal relatedness, of personal fulfillment, and in the most general sense, of human plenitude. Friend, what bringeth thou me? What may i bring thee? Let us dream the dream of humanity forward.