You are invited…

You are about to embark on a journey of the self. How you travel is entirely up to you. We can suggest doors to open. Ultimately it is up to you to open the doors. We have all the keys within all of us. The journey is bringing these keys into our conscious awareness so that they can be utilized.

Clues are found in the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah, which includes Tarot, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Hebrew letters, Sound, and Color. The story of the beginning of mankind began when we descended to Earth to experience separation from unity. This story is told in all the myths from the Bible to Paganism. They are all valid. Enculturation has led us to believe in a Punishing, Judgmental God. The version you believe in determines the density of your experience. The evolution of mankind is likened to that of a spiral. On a spiral, we seemingly circle the same spaces. But unlike a circle, which is an endless loop, a spiral moves to a different perspective. This movement creates the shift in awareness that creates a level of psychological values. The possibilities are endless. What is the experience you desire to create? What are the top spiritual values that drive your life? How are you manifesting flex and flow in your life? This is the journey of the self. Do you desire to bring this journey into conscious awareness? Do you desire to take full responsibility for you life as your own creation? These are the questions that only you can answer. If you choose to open this door, we will meet you there. We will co-journey with you on this investigation of the self for a period of one year.

We will share many tools to navigate this journey. You will experience the self at creation through meditation. You will be given a personal mantra that is your key to superconsciousness.

You will become familiar with your astrology chart, which is reflected in the night sky at the moment of your first breath. This pattern is indicative of the energies present that are particular to you. You will begin the work of sacred marriage. When your masculine and feminine energies are in communication, you create the experience of wholeness. This manifests in relationships with self and others that you desire.

You will be given objective awareness of all emotion as valuable. Emotion is what creates learning through experience. Each moment can be a harvest of now. Emotion is particularly rich as a doorway to clear perception. Emotion that is void of attachment to outcome is truly working within the flex and flow. We will share with you how to navigate your emotions through timeline technique.

When enough space is cleared, space that may have been filled with paradigms of the past, there is an openness to create future momentum. This move towards will contain your top five values that are buried deep within you. We will assist you in uncovering them. When your values are in your conscious awareness, you can direct the flow of your life with ease and joy.

All of this work is centered in LOVE, Love in the Eternal Light, of L.V.X. More and more you will find yourself centered in the heart. Before proceeding any further, ask yourself: “How’s your heart?”

If your heart sings back, we invite you to proceed through this door.