Born Angela Marie Turner, I've always felt a fish out of water, never feeling at home in my environment. I was constantly in search of people who thought and felt the things I did. I didn't understand that I was an empath that perceived the thoughts and feelings of others in a culture and society that was mostly asleep. My search led me to a startling awakening that I was completely unprepared for. I felt a lone soldier, desperately in search of someone like me.

Through a path of self-study and meditation, I found my essential nature. In 2002, I became aware of my path at a Buddhist retreat. This was the first door that allowed me to realize the path is not about transcendence, but one of service.

In 2004, my search for my kindred spirit ended, when I met my mentor, friend and partner Theo Ward (aka Eric Ward). On my journey with Theo, I learned the language to articulate the path through tools such as: Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, the Tree of Life, Timeline Technique, Values Elicitation, Intuitive Listening and Huna.

I entered another intense period of self-study to obtain my Masters degree in Social Work and completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. I have developed a lens of trauma and attachment theory, utilizing breath and body movement in the work I do with others. With my emerging voice, I am synthesizing all the tools I have acquired on my journey along with my 15 years of learning with Theo to introduce the world to Indigo Travellers.