Time Line What Is It And What Does It Do?

Time is an archetype or universal theory, which is represented as past, present and future in our minds both in the automatic conscious (subconscious) and the self-conscious. Within our mind we can access the Time Line and actually move along it at will even into the future, seeing events as symbols rather than events themselves. From the events of the past we determine our actions in the now. In the past as significant emotional events happened we made judgments on how to how to handle situations in the present and most of our judgments were set by the time we were eight years old. Even though circumstances have changed and we have more knowledge of what is best for what we want we still base our emotional actions on those immature judgments of our youth. Psychology still goes through the most impossible task of trying to find the cause for emotions we don’t want (unresourceful emotions) by unraveling the events starting in the present or in the now and going clear back to the past emotion by emotion and event by event in a linear manner. Part of the danger is that imagined seeds can inadvertently be sown by the practitioner and false beliefs built about the past. Untangling the events backward also means that all the painful emotions are experienced and focused on, many times reinforcing those events we want to forget. Utilizing the Time Line allows us to jump back to the first root cause of an emotion and to disconnect the negative emotion while preserving the learnings of events without getting caught in the negative emotions. Dr. Milton Erickson, the father of modern Hypnotherapy stated that his belief was that the only problem we really have is being out of rapport with our unconscious mind. The Time Line Technique allows us to recreate that rapport with the unconscious or symbolic mind as we define it.

The symbolic mind wants to be in rapport with the conscious mind and is always reminding us of that when it serves up emotions to be dealt with and usually without informing us where they came from. (You know, those emotions that just come out of nowhere and really throw you off balance. We call them little black bags.)

With the use of Time Line Technique as originally developed by Dr. Tad James we can transform these emotional patterns into positive energy that will flow into the future and allow us to make right decisions for ourselves so much easier that it becomes almost automatic (unconscious).

Time Line has been accepted throughout history and there are indications of different civilizations using some form of it for both healing and divination.

In the 1970’s
Bandler and Grinder, who had studied and worked with Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson, primarily, developed Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is the way we take in and process information and the behaviors we develop from the way we store and evaluate that information. Time Line as we know it was primarily developed from studies of NLP.

Dr. James, who worked with Bandler and Grinder, developed Time Line Therapy
TM in 1985 and with that development a really unique way of approaching the Time Line so that unnecessary emotional trauma is avoided.

Books to give you detail on these topics include:

Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality by Dr. Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall

Frogs into Princess, Bandler & Grinder

Magic Demystified, Lewis

Change Your Mind and Keep the Change, Andreas

We store our memories and the emotions connected with them in a linear manner, something like a file system set up on dates in a chronological way. Eighty percent of our emotions that govern us now were put in place by the time we were three years old. So often, our reactions to others and the world are based on three year old thinking. Sometimes we can observe that in others easier than ourselves.

By becoming relaxed and in touch with our automatic or subconscious mind we can navigate above the Time Line and go into the past selecting the root cause of any given emotion. Once the emotion is located, we can go back even further before the event happened on the Time Line until we are disconnected from the emotion totally while preserving the learnings.

With the learnings from those events we can make the choices in the present in a much more fitting way when we don’t have such childish emotions involved. Through work with a trained practitioner such as myself you can learn to access your Time Line and clear up all the baggage from your past that you have been dragging along and that slows you down, make you ill, or even stops you.

Emotions such as anger, depression, fear, guilt, sadness, etc. can be removed usually in a two-hour session. By that time many people can access their Time Line themselves and remove any other problems that come up.

Limiting decisions that were made because of significant emotional events when you were young can be dealt with the same way.

Every One Can Be Successful In Today’s World.

There is plenty of wealth and health for everyone. Society, family, religion, government and others have convinced us we don’t deserve more. Read the Bible and you will find wealth is supposed to be ours.

Access to our
symbolic and super conscious allows us to clear the darkness and see the light of ourselves, others and God.

Time Line Therapy
TM is a trademark of Dr. Tad James and Advanced Neuro Dynamics. Theo Ward is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and trainer of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and a Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. Time Line Technique is an evolution of Time Line TheraphyTM. Imma Royal, with a Master's degree in Social Work and over 10 years of work in the Mental Health field, is a natural healer working with subtle energy at the soul level. With the synergy of Theo’s advanced training and Imma’s advanced training and natural abilities, they can create a safe space for transformation.

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