How's Your Values Train?

What are values? The dictionary says “(values) a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life: they internalize their parents' rules and values.”

These are 
not the kind of values we are speaking of. Values for us and the people we work with are “states of being” . By this we mean an emotional state that you want to be in all the time.

We could tell you all the different names that people have shared with me but that would only lead you to adopt their values. For your top values you have a word that is particularly meaningful to you. We have a special way of finding that word and because of that way the word will be uniquely yours.

Can one word change your life? 
Absolutely! And on top of that we will help you build a values train.

First, though we want to explain that things you want to do or accrue are done through setting goals and taking action. The goals are measured by your top values.

We can help you define your values so you can determine if your goals will create what you want in life. 

We use the metaphor of a train to show the importance of values.

The first value is your engine. If you do not know that value (and most people don’t ), you are just hoping the train is on the track of your desire. Most aren’t.

The second value is your coal car. It fuels the furnace.

The third car is the water car. It transfers the heat to the engine that turns the wheels.

If any of these values are out of your awareness your train will not even move. All of these values are 
states of being or states of awareness

Values is the most valuable knowledge you can have about yourself and your life journey. We offer it as a free service for a very good reason. If you know your
VALUES TRAIN you will be on track and that will affect others in a positive way. Ultimately if we as a group could affect the square root of the population, all the world would be affected (Hundreth Monkey).